Exotic Weddings

The Kandath Tharavad offers the perfect ambience and setting for Weddings (Christian or Hindu), in the sacred environs of our heritage pandhals. We’ll roll it out for you – right from pre-wedding rituals to the wedding ceremony, the attire, décor, entertainment… and banquet arrangements that are meticulously planned.

The Bride is dressed in a traditional Saree and the Groom is attired in Silk Dhothi… the festivities commence with traditional musicians accompanying the Bridegroom on Elephant – back to the Bride. The Grooms’ entourage is received by the ladies of the Bride’s family with ‘Thalams’ tharavad_slider4(A tray with an oil lamp with fruits and flowers). The Thalams are handed over to the ladies of the Groom’s family. The Groom is escorted to the wedding Panthal (Decorated Tent). Wedding vows and floral garlands are exchanged before a sacred fire as a priest chants Sanskrit verses.

A sumptuous banquet of local delicacies is served on banana leaves.

A classic dance performance completes the celebrations.