Festivals around Tharavad

Nenmara Vallangi Vela 03 Apr 2015

Vallanghy and Nenmara are two neighbouring towns in the south part of Palakkad district, which is in the valley of Nelliyampathi hills. The green carpet of paddy field will turn to the festival ground in the first week of April. The festival falls on 20th of ‘Meenam’ according to the Malayalam Calendar (2nd or 3rd of every April).[1] The ‘Kodiyettam’ (starting) will be celebrated on ‘meenam 1st’ every year. The celebration continues for the first 20 days of ‘meenam’, and on 20th day the Vela festival will be celebrated. The annual Vela festival, celebrated by Nemmara and Vallangi villages after the paddy harvest, is famous for its display of fireworks and caparisoned elephants.

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Pariyanampetta Pooram  20 Feb 2016
Kattakulam – Palakkad Dist

The Pariyanempatta Bhagavathi Temple is one of the famous temples of Kerala, dedicated to Bhagavathy. This is one of the largest Devi temples of Valluvanad Desam in Palghat district. The presiding deity is known as the Goddess of 14 Desams. The temple and its precincts resemble that of Mookambika temple Kollur.

Pooramaholsavam is the famous festival of the temple comes on Kumbham 1-7 and attracts a large number of devotees. “Moorthiyaatom” on the eve of Pooram (Valiyaarattu) is the unique feature of this temple. Vela is before the star Pooram in the month of Makara. Pooram starts on the 1st Kumbha with the hoisting of the temple flag.


Chinakkathoor Pooram        22 Feb 2016
Palappuram – Palakkad Dist

Chinakkathoor Festival is celebrated every year in February-March(makam naal of kumbham).

The highlight of the evening festivities is a grand procession of 33 tuskers. Traditional performances of the Panchavadyam or the temple orchestra and various other art forms like Vellattu, Theyyam, Poothanum thirayum, Kaalavela, Kuthiravela, Aandi Vedan, Karivela, and so on are shown. The Tholppavakkoothu, a ritualistic shadow puppet show, is performed at the temple premises every evening for the 17 days preceding the concluding festival. The festival starts with kuthira (horse) game and ends next day with Theru(Ratham),a beautiful sight is the decoration of theru(Ratham) by Palappuram, and the procession of sixteen well-decorated 16 models of the kuthira (horse) and the kaala (bull) brought ceremoniously to the temple by devotees.


Puthoor Festival Apr 2016
Puthoor – Palakkad

Puthur Vela is an annual festival at the Puthur Thirupuraikkal Bhagavathy temple (10.7877378°N 76.661675°E), located in Puthur, Kerala, India. The temple houses the Goddess Karnaki, who is believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Parvathi. This temple is famous locally and attracts several hundred devotees every year. The Kadhana vedi (firecrackers) are set off at 6 pm everyday after the evening pooja.

The festival is conducted during the month of April. The festivities last for 3 to 4 weeks in the Malayalam month of ‘Meenam’, which corresponds to March–April of the Western calendar. The flag symbolizing the beginning of the festivities is hoisted on the first Friday of ‘Meenam’. Subsequent evenings are filled with devotional programmes such as Bhajans and carnatic music concerts. The highlights of the festival include Kathakali performances by renowned artists, and traditional temple arts like Ottam Thullal and Chakyar Koothu.

A recent addition, and now a crowd draw, is the PUTHUR SREE THIRUPURAIKKAL MUSIC & DANCE FESTIVAL, a festival of Indian classical music and dance which lasts for over a week, depending on the number of artists engaged for performances.


Konganpada Mar 2016
Chittoor – Palakkad Dist

Chittoorkavu Devi Temple is in the township boundary of Chittoor municipality about 15 km from Palakkad town. The eastern side of the ghat is known as ‘ Kongan Nadu’. At a remote time in the history of Malabar, the Kongan army entered Chittoor through the mountain pass and a fierce fight followed. In the fight the people of Chittoor, with the help of Chittoor Goddess could defeat the Kongans. To commemorate the event every year ‘Konganpada’ festival is celebrated at the Chittoorkavu temple. The goddess Durga in her formidable form is the main deity of the temple. ‘Chanthattom’ is the important ritualistic offering of the goddess and as a result of the incessant offering, the idol had turned in to deep black


 Kalpathi Ratholsavam 14 – 16  Nov 2015
Kalpathi – Palakkkad Dist

Kalpathi (Kalpathy) Ratholsavam (Kalpathi Chariot Festival) is an annual Hindu Temple festival in the Kalpathi village of Palakkad district in Kerala state, south India. The festival is at the Sri Visalakshi Sametha Sri Viswanatha Swamy temple where the deities are Lord Siva (Lord Viswanatha) and his consort Visalakshi, another name for Parvati.

The annual ten day chariot festival conducted here during the month of November is one of the most remarkable festivals of Kerala. Vedic recitals and cultural programmes are held in the temple during the first four days of the festival. This is believed to be over 700 years old. On the last three days, thousands of devotees gather together to draw decorated temple chariots through the streets.

The ancient temple nestles by the banks of the Kalpathy river which is also known as the Nila river. The temple dates back to 1425. The similarities to the famous Varanasi Kashi Vishwanath temple on the banks of the Ganges in North India gives this temple the moniker: kasiyil pakuthi kalpathy— Kalpathy is half Kashi. Kalpathi (Kalpathy), as the village or agraharam in which the temple is situated is known, is an early Tamil Brahmin settlement.