Welcome to Tharavad

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Welcome to Tharavad

Welcome to the official home page of the Kandath Tharavad, the ancestral home of the Kandath family which is set in the lush rice paddies of rural Kerala in South India.

Tharavad is the place to experience the village life of Kerala. The house set in a rustic village outside Palakkad Town takes you back to a by gone era. Away from the busy traffic and into a countryside that is absolutely quiet and calm.


The morning walks with the fresh breeze blowing against you and the evening starlit skies in a silent surrounding are some of the treasures of this abode. A morning visit to the corner tea shop to share your world with that of villagers over a tumbler of tea or an evening walk through the village and through the green paddies to watch the sunset are some of the past times you will enjoy.


Cycling trips  along small winding roads through an unspoiled countryside are some of the interesting activities awaiting you. For somebody who is looking for a quiet corner to relax and catch up on some reading Tharavad has plenty of spots in and around the house. If you are keen on the Kerala cuisine the cook is always ready to fill your appetite with a variety of dishes both special and authentic.